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Have you ever found yourself looking for custom stock training and a mentorship program with an individual teacher?  The Charlotte NC Day Trading firm offers unique mentorship programs for anyone looking to either take the course in person, or via online at his or her convenience. “The benefit to our courses is that  we fit into the student’s busy schedule”,  Mr. Heath explained.  “Some of my students can only meet on weekends.  I am happy to accommodate that”. Mr. Heath explains many students come to him due to his unique hands on approach.  “I also trade live with my students, as we make progress with the Gold or Platinum course”,  he explained. “I have found that students are looking for someone to explain the many questions they may have after going over the course material for the duration of the week”. You can never replace human interaction with a DVD or a free eBook or a chatroom scam.  While he also admits that it is very time consuming with this approach, he does not need to train thousands of students a year as he makes considerable revenue trading full time himself.  “I offer this to the public for one reason - I like helping people”, Mr. Heath said.  There is nothing more rewarding then teaching others to trade and manage their retirement accounts on their own; being self-sufficient is the key. It seems now a days people don't want to learn and think they can make thousands daily just like that while being lazy.  Clearly, this is not the case and quite foolish to believe that.  Mr. Heath is a very conservative trader – careful with capital and what he trades. Stacking the odds in his favor is what keeps him in the game!  Many services sell you on a promise that you can make tens of thousands of dollars a week trading  - this is a marketing stunt.  Very few make money like that!  With small accounts, you have to start somewhere and that's growing your account in the first couple of months of trading.

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