The Street Mentor

 Helping Private investors and traders in the  Financial Services industry.

Mr. Heath has over 16 years of trading and investment experience.  During his career, he has developed his own unique blend of trading strategies, while also improving upon existing ones in use. He became a full-time trader later on in his career, giving up a full-time job to do what he loves most. He has mastered the field of Technical Analysis, with an acquired eye for reading charts and predicting price movements as a Chart Technician.

In 2013, he launched The Street Mentor LLC, the company is founded on the basis of helping empower individual traders and investors from around the world and providing them with unique mentorship programs coupled with one-on-one coaching time. Mr. Heath believes the best way to train individuals learning to trade or looking to add to their current trading skill set is through personalized human interaction, and providing answers to questions after completing a training course, which other courses and learning tools don't provide.


My Company has been created for one reason only...To empower people worldwide to become better traders and average investor in the financial services sector.

Our trading team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective mentorship programs tailored to fit our client's needs.

Working in conjunction with one of our mentors, your learning curve will be substantially reduced. What takes many traders years to achieve, we will help you get there in a fraction of the time!

We cater to a wide-range of clients, and every client relationship is greatly valued. Every interaction is a meaningful exchange and beneficial due to our depth and breadth of experience.

 Founder & CEO, Craig S. Heath